Infusion Therapy

Outpatient In-Office Infusion Therapy

We are proud to provide comprehensive ambulatory infusion services in the comfort and privacy of our physician’s office. With our team of caring and dedicated medical staff, in-office therapy has never been easier! In-office infusion therapy often reduces or completely eliminates the possibility of patients having to be hospitalized!

Comprehensive services administered by:

  • A highly skilled clinical team that are specifically trained to manage all aspects of IV therapy that are available 24/7 for all patients related concerns

Referral Process:

  • 1. Contact the Office Infusion Center (OIC) RN at (814) 503-5937 as soon as the need for outpaitent IV therapy has been identified
  • 2. Provide our staff with patient demographics, insurance information, medical history and physical, labs/test results, and any other pertient clinical data.
  • 3. Once approved, our staff will contact the patient to schedule an evaluation with our physician and arrange infusion services.
  • 4. Our OIC staff will coordinate all infusion services and maintain communication with referring physician regarding patient therapy.

Other Available Therapies:

IV antibiotics, IV antivirals, IV antifungals, IV immunoglobulins (IVIg), Subcutaneous Immunoglobulins (SCIg), Immunological agents for treatment of osteoporosis, Neurological Therapies, Rheumatological Therapies, Gastroenterological Therapies, and other therapies available upon request!