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What to Expect with Your TeleHep Visit

Our goal is to successfully cure your Hepatitis C, usually within a 6 month period (from beginning to end)! This usually includes 6 online visits.TeleHep is approved for Pennsylvania and will start in Ohio soon. Get in touch with us if you are in another state and would be interested.Learn More About Getting Started with Your Treatment >
TeleHep approach to Hepatitis C is with a team of medical personnel including physicians, physician-assistant, nurses, and patient navigator to ensure successful, timely treatment.
  • First Remote Appointment - Initial Consultation

    We collect patient history and discuss any problems that you may be experiencing related to Hepatitis C as well as provide education. Blood work (including a lab test that shows how much damage has been done to your liver) and an ultrasound of your abdomen will be ordered by Dr. Stainbrook to be performed at your local hospital or outpatient clinic. We will assist you with scheduling your next appointment.
  • Second Visit - Review Labs and Ultrasound

    Our focus will be on reviewing your labs and ultrasound.  At this time, appropriate medication will be ordered if it is deemed necessary. Side effects and the duration of your treatment will be outlined and discussed. This is where you can ask all of the questions that you have. If there are complications or problems that required further assistance, a referral to one of your local providers will be made. A follow-up online appointment will be scheduled.
  • Third Visit - After Medication is Ordered

    Review your customized anti-Hepatitis C medication plan. We schedule a 5-week follow-up after the treatment initiates and schedule blood work every 4-weeks while on the treatment.
  • Fourth Visit - Follow-up

    Again review your customized anti-Hepatitis C medication plan, review of your first blood work and order end of treatment blood work. If you are on an 8-week course of therapy, another lab slip is ordered.
  • End of Treatment

    This visit will review any ongoing problems with your liver, review blood work and schedule your 3 month follow up.
  • Sixth Visit

    During your final visit, there will be a review of your blood work to see if you’ve been cured from Hepatitis C.
TeleHep will take a cash payment if insurance is not accepted or patient doesn’t have insurance. Detailed receipts will be provided to you so that you may submit them to your insurance for reimbursement. We look forward to speaking with you!

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